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Sales Management Second Session Training and S&M Managem
2009-07-24 14:36
July 19-22, 2009, colleagues of Sales Department, such as, RSMs, DSMs, PEs, Marketing Manager, Product Managers, Commercial & Bidding Managers, gathered in Shanghai Rayfont Hotel for three days to attend 2nd session sales management training and sales & marketing management meeting organized by Sales Training Department. General Manager Michael Zhang addressed in the training site.
It is reported that Sales Training Department has established a set of complete and versatile training system aligning with the working requirements of differentiated levels of sales forces, suggestions and guidance of company management, as well as company development goals: not only field training while accompanying first-line sales staffs to visit customers, but also regular and series trainings for medium and senior supervisors on management skills and methods. To broaden the horizon of training attendees, for this training, Miss Laurie Lin, Manager of Human Resources Department and Sales Training Department, specially externally hired experienced lecturers, like Shen Dawei, KENNY He to give courses of “Flexible Negotiations in Hospital”, “Pharmaceutical Sales Territory Management”, etc. As per the feedback from trainees, via the training, they have benefited a lot, not only finding breakthrough to expense bottleneck and knowing how to avoid wasting money, but also learning how to make proper use of resources and change passive management into active.
It is introduced by Laurie that after the closure of three-day intensive training, Sales Training Department will closely follow up and provide for trainees with practical tools and timely help for the sake of clarifying the problems and confusions they might meet with in the process of transferring theoretical training into practical results; meanwhile, help all of the trainees to become qualified “Re-training Lecturers” and share and teach every member in their own teams the essence of training courses and experience obtained in the training process, better guiding practice. As mentioned by Laurie, the effects of previous trainings have been shown in the growth of sales performance and training is a long-term and sustained project. Henceforth, Sales Training Department will further conclude lessons and optimize training courses so as to greatly improve the ratio of converting sales training into actual productivity.

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